B5 s4 Snow drift fail

I know you guys will enjoy this.


what’s the matter with the guy recording that video? annoying as hell

why didn’t his buddy flag him down to stop him?

poor bastard.

He was annoying because he was 15 and his voice is still changing.

I didn’t have the volume on fortunately


Nice pants…I had those in Buffalo Bills colors about 25 years ago, lol


Poor bastard. He didn’t even know. He didn’t even know.

How do we know he didn’t drive in there like that? Obviously the front bumper is an optional trim piece to him, so who’s to say that’s not just his style.

Haha, the pants are a bigger fail.

Gingers don’t have souls.

Or side skirts

Haha. Nice.

This is how blow the rear clutch in the rear diff … it is common