B6 420-TS - The Build

Hey guys!

I’ve just fallen back into B6 ownership, and this will be my third B6.

I’m a fan of the B5, though I have a soft spot for the B6, especially in Avant guise. I previously owned a 3.0 Avant Quattro Tip SE, and made it mine, with a colour change from dark blue metallic, to Ibis White, with a genuine Vortex kit, I prefer it to the more common Ultra Sport. The kit is no longer available, I purchased the last kit from Germany, via my UK dealership. [:)]

I also fitted a set of genuine Audi A8 D8 8.5"x18" Fat Fives.

This was followed by a 1.8T (163) Avant Quattro 5-MT SE, in Ice Blue Metallic. Kept totally stock, as I never really “bonded” with this car.

My just sold B5 was a 4.2 V8 40V swap, using the 340hp motor from my old 2005 D3 4.2 Quattro Sport, a first as far as I’m aware, using a D3 motor. That was my 5th V8 swap, my first was done back in 2009, which spawned a craze for B5’s, with a V8 rumble.

My newly-purchased B6 has engine issues, which the seller is not sure of. Not a big deal. I will be doing a 6MT 01E swap, using the 01E from a 2000 B6 A4 2.5 TDI Quattro. It’s being delivered on Thursday, then I’ll assess the non-start issues. If the motor’s dead, for convenience, I’ll throw in another 3.0 V6, though my plan is to toss a 4.2 V8 40V, from a D3 A8 into the engine bay.

Why not buy a B6 S4? My answer is simple. Reliability. The chain-driven 079-series V8 motors, is one of Audi’s modern day disasters. Toss scored cylinder bores into the mix, and you have a ticking time bomb. Oh yes, I’ve owned a 2005 B6 S4 Cabriolet, and I know what that was like. Ugh.

I will be updating things as I go along, the car has the original 7"x16" alloy wheels, which look pretty tiny, with the Votex kit. I will also be adding some genuine B6 S4 door blades.

My Dark Blue B6 3.0 Avant Quattro SE Tip, pre-Votex, Fat Fives and colour change:





My Ibis White B6 3.0 Avant Quattro SE Tip:





My Ice Blue Metallic B6 1.8T Avant Quattro SE 5MT:





My current Denim Blue Metallic B6 3.0 Avant Quattro Sport Tip: