B6 Bi-xenon headlights Valeo Projector Swap

As some of you may already know Valeo D1S projectors found in ( B6 S4 Bixenon headlights) are not very good.
Many owners would find they reflectors burned and are suffering from the light output.

Since there are only one replacement option available from Retrofitlab and it is quite expensive, I decided to invest my time to find a better as well as more cost efficient solution.So here we go:

Parts Required:

  1. Koito Q5R D1S projector




  1. I designed my own adapter bracket,that is far from perfect,however they work very well Once assembled you may need to grind one corner of the projector as well as the bracket in order to fit it inside of the housing. Also you will need to shave some of the plastic on the inside to make a tight fit.

  2. In order to connect the wiring of a solenoid you can remove the original connector from Valeo Solenoid and solder it to the new wiring that comes with Koito “Replica” projectors

  3. Optionally, you can replace your original bulbs with Osram D1S CBI and enjoy significant improvement over your stock setup just for 52$

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the light output. I will try to add them later.