B6 S4 Self Levelling Headlamps Module Issue


Reset my coilover ride height and thought I’d check my headlight level. Set them the old fashioned way against a wall and then fired up Rosstech. When I attempt to access address 55 it times out. Ran a full auto scan and 55 is absent, went back over my old scans and realized 55 has never shown up.

I verified the module is plugged in behind the glove box, fuse location 10 is OK, front and rear sensors are present and plugged in, motors on headlamps are present. After an hour of going over all the coding I know how to do I can’t find anything out of order. Address 09 has the proper coding for Canada, light sensor and Xenon’s.

Contacted the original owner of the car and he told me he had the levellers coded out by a shop may years ago as he was getting random dipped headlamp warnings. The previous shop no longer exists and from what I can find there is no DIY or goggle info for coding the module out entirely.

Does anyone know how to code the module back in?

I don’t have 55 memorized but from what I remember and I can try to go check on my car. But you have to go into central ele and turn on the option there. That or instruments module. From there that opens up group 55. IF that makes sense.

Spent some more time with again this afternoon with no luck.

09-Cent-Elec is where it should be coded. I reset the controller to default and recoded and adapted it with no luck. Currently set to 01014 which matches what it should be.

0 - not used
1 - Light Sensor Installed
0 - Trailer Hitch not installed
1 - Xenon Headlights <==
4 - Canada

Also completely reset 46 just to see if there was any link, no luck

Unless someone knows a undocumented long coding trick I can’t see how to bring back 55 and the actual functionality of the headlamps. Next step I guess will be to try a replacement module as everything else seems correct.

I don’t know if this would be a thing. Is there a chance they replaced the headlights with non adjustable units like out of an A4 that wouldn’t have the feature… MAybe… I know its a long shot but I have seen issue when people have done a headlight replacement on the S4 with A4 headlights.

Good point, just checked the car and verified in ETKA and they are original S4 with the motors. The module is definetly plugged in behind the glove box and I replaced the fuse just in case, no dice.

From what I know a bad module should give a dipped headlamp warning light and pulling the fuse will make it go away. Since the fuse is ok and the circuit tests out I have to assume it is a coding issue over a failed module. That said I am going to bite the bullet and pick up a used module to see it that makes any difference. My dealer once chased an intermittent headlamp filker on my wife’s A4 to a BCM that would continually reset itself after driving for 30 minutes, never set a code, or cause any other issues.

Thanks for the help!