B7 A4 Chatterbox Thread

Since a lot of us like to BS back and forth about random things related to our cars I figured I would start a “Chatterbox Thread” inside the B7 A4 Section. I know there is a General Discussion Section but this would be just for us here in the B7 A4 Section so we are not cluttering up other threads within our own section with non post related topics or comments.

Enjoy!! ;D ;D

2slow doesn’t deserve a chatterbox. B5 S4 is far superior. Eff you.





I will like to know if the cat back from an Audi B6 S4 will fit a B7 2.0T Quattro?

Call JHM

It will be you will need the jhm adapter piece. The cool thing is depending on how much hp you make that exhaust will be more then enough. It’s a great mod from what I have seen

We make a JHM Downpipe-Y so your A4 can run an S4 catback!

Tip: https://jhmotorsports.com/shop/catalog/exhaust-downpipe-jhm-275-to-25-for-b6-b7-s4-cat-back-on-b7-a4-20t-auto-tip-p-2190.html

6MT: https://jhmotorsports.com/shop/catalog/exhaust-downpipe-jhm-to-25-for-b6-b7-s4-cat-back-on-b7-a4-20t-manual-cvt-p-1946.html

So far we have run a 13.5 in the 1/4 Mile with the stock turbo and stock S4 cat back.

This place is dead :-[ We need more active people in this section!

^^ go recruit some. They’re probably all hanging out at Vendorzine and/or Quattrofail. Bring them over.

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I have worked on my friends A4 a lot. I’ll see if he will let me post about it. I really like the A4 and the b7 is really nice I would love to see more b7 A4 guys here. I tend to post when I see anything they post here.

I shall revive this dead forum section.

With a stupid question.

Does the stock B6/7 S4 catback flow better than the factory catback on the A4? I know you need the Y-pipe thing from JHM to make it work.

absolutely. Much better.

With our TP/DP-Y and stock B7 S4 catback Dru was able to run a 12.5

any comparison to stock? that 12.5 can’t just be attributed to the catback. There might have been a way bigger turbo and a tune involved there for the performance.

Along with a lot of practice. I have already told Dru this but that is still a great time!

That was big turbo stuff. I mentioned it as it shows how far we took the stock S4 catback on the A4.

I sometimes forget that people don’t know he is BT.

I’m going to look at a 128k mile '08 tonight. Is there any way to tell visually if the car has the updated diverter valve installed?

Not without taking off the belly pan and being underneath. Worst case it is $55 and 30min labor. Most 08s have the updated already.

08s have the updated intake cam as well, so the cam follower should be good. My 08 have the stock follower 99k miles before I swapped it. Better safe than sorry for a $20 follower.

Car looked good but I passed on it. After driving it I’m determined to find a manual.

That’s what I read about the cam. That’s one of the reasons I am specifically looking for a 2008. The other reason is because they are all S-Line appearance. Non S-Line trunks look awkward.