B7 s4 clutch replacement

Hello all. Like many of you, my B7 s4 is my baby. I spend far too much time researching and tinkering with this car. Right now it’s at 121k miles and I know it’s getting time to replace my clutch. Still driveable and good, but I want it pristine. I am new to Audi rev but have been an owner/enthusiast for some time. To be truthful I joined this site because a gentlemen from audizine told me there was an awesome DIY to clutch replacement with videos on here. However I am unable to view it. Is this because I am new member? Any advice for tackling this project? I am pretty familiar with layout of this car and have all the tools I’d ever need, but that being said, a clutch replacement will by far be my biggest project yet. So any and all help is much appreciated. Thank you