B8.5 + E85 + APR = : )

Stage 1. E85 (engine and ECU designed for E85). No other mods. All 4 wheels.


E85 is the shit. Gets a bad name but as long as you run a tank of 93 every once in a while you won’t have issues.

Are you guys planning on expanding E85 tunes to other platforms?

This car supports e85 from the factory. It has an e85 sensor, proper e85 mapping depending on E content, cold start injector, special cylinder wall linings, metal intake manifold and more.

We may support other platforms, but this was just natural give the OEM support.

I did not know that! Is that just the B8.5’s or does it extend to the B8’s as well

good question

I have a B8 and I don’t think it does. I will bet a Coke on it if anyone’s up for a wager…the 2.0T was prone to a few problems in B8 A4 2.0T guise, and I reckon they re-designed the engine for the refresh after replacing hundreds of thousands of pistons.

That was my suspicion as well

The following B8 / B8.5 2.0T EA888 Gen 2 engine codes exist (there may be more, but IIRC this is correct at the moment):

CAEA - 179 HP
CAEB - 211 HP
CAED - 220 HP
CDNA - 177 HP
CDNB - 179 HP
CDNC - 211 HP
CDND - 211 HP
CFKA - 179 HP <-- E85 Support
CPMA - 210 HP <-- E85 Support
CPMB - 220 HP <-- E85 Support

The EA888 Gen 3 engines are out in Europe. They are totally different and I don’t know if they support E85 (haven’t looked).

CNCB - 180 HP
CNCD - 225 HP

Arin - just the man to help. I colleague of mine has one of the flex fuel 2.0t cars. He noted that he got much worse mpg with the E85. He had his local Indy shop log the car, they seem to run very rich on the E85 mix is this normal?

Isn’t horrible mileage on E85 always been the case…usually around 25% less.

Horrible gas mileage is pretty typical for E85. It requires more fuel.

The fuel in general is a joke, mainly because people buy it thinking they’re saving the earth, but it’s the complete opposite.

Bad side:

  • Worse MPG
  • Worse Emissions
  • Worse Emissions to product the fuel
  • Eats up crops and land to make it
  • Cheap cost negated by low MPG

Good side:

  • Makes a lot of power if you have the fueling head room and the ability to use it well
  • Cheap cost compared to 104 octane race fuel

^^ and it’s unfortunately subsidized by taxpayer dollars.

Can you share what requested AFR for cruising on E85 was for the 2.0t?

I know standard fuel is !4.7
I believe he saw 10.3 AFR on E85? He had a stock 2.0t flex fuel vehicle. Is that normal?

Any chance you would consider making a E85 information thread? There has started a trend where people have decided that they’re fine just adding E85 to pump gas and calling it race gas…

Stoich is lower than 14.7:1 with E85. Just look at your lambda values, it should still be requesting a lambda of 1.00 at idle and cruise.

remember most wideband gauges need to be calibrated for e85. they do not read the same for e85 and pump gas. if you are seeing 12.2-12.5 dont be alarmed, thats normal readings on e85 for a gauge/wideband calibrated for pump.