B8.5 GIAC Stage 1 E85 A4 1/4 Mile Results..

So I had a chance to take my girls car to Atco tonight for a few runs. Conditions were pretty good and surprisingly track was pretty busy. Was able to get only 2 runs in after the 4 hour trip but was pretty happy with the results…

2014 A4 Premium 2.0T Quattro with the 18s… Car is completely bone stock besides the tune down to the paper air filter. I’m 250lbs also. Temp was hovering around 45 degrees and DA was -1000.

Car had 3/4 tank of Sunocco E85 in tank. Full weight including the spare and tools as well.

I launched the car around 2800rpm by power-braking it. ESP/ASR off and in S mode auto shifting.

Best run was 13.821@97.45mph…

Honestly I think with a high flow cat, catback and intake the car in perfect conditions can do 13.3-13.4 which I find pretty impressive.