B8 A4 Control windows and sunroof with key fob...VAGCOM

Hey guys, just wanted to add a little info in this section regardless of whether people come here or not. I had a good friends B8 A4 tonight and decided to do a few little VAGCOM mods for him. This will also work for the S4, A5/S5 according to Ross-tech.

RossTech has a list of tweaks posted on their web site and this is what I used.


The problem was after I recoded the module in VCDS, the windows would only roll up, not down. Upon some internet investigation I came across the obvious fix.

After the coding is complete through VCDS, your car will now have a MENU in your MMI for the window and sunroof control with the key fob.

All you have to do is enter the CAR MENU and select the WINDOW Control MENU. It will give you the option to have the front windows on/off, rear on/off, and the sunroof on/off. You can choose the settings that suit your needs and enjoy controlling your windows with your key fob.

I personally think this is a cool feature, I’ve done it on my B7 S4 and use it a lot in the summer. It also comes in very handy if you forget to close your sunroof or your window is cracked and you have already gotten out of the car.

I hope this can help some people out so they don’t end up confused because of the lack of extra instructions from the Ross-tech website.

Nice. I did it on mine too.

You can also add a lap timer, engage the needle sweep on startup, ensure his LEDs don’t turn off when he’s signalling a turn

There are really dozens of things…david from around here has a great site. Can’t remember what its called.


Just saw this thread. I was very confused why I could only close my windows, but could open/close moonroof after changing the VAG-COM setting. This cleared it all up. I now have full control of my windows with the remote!