B8 Avant - fast grocery getter

Hi All, I am new to this forum, and wanted to post up about my Avant.

I have so far:

K04 (crazy good)
APR tune v.2 (excellent)
EC FMIC (I keep blowing off the coupler hose to the inlet of FMIC at the track, not happy)
GFB DV upgrade (Its good but can’t say I notice anything)
Carbonio CAI (sounds good)
R8 CP (told I should)
BB HFC (Suggested at install of K04)
AWE DP (added later, I wanted more. Meh)
H&R street coilovers (huge mistake, I track it, will get KW V3 or ?? later)
H&R Sway front and rear, front set to softest. (Still understeers a bit more than I like.)
StopTech 355 ST60R BBK (love, but need better pads still, the 309 is ok)
Slotted rotors rear (309 pads, rears pads gone after 3 track days)
Bridgestone RE71R (they are simply the best tire I have had on the car short of full R comps)

Alu Kruez chassis brace
Transmission brace (filler)
rear diff brace (fillers) Simple aluminum gizmo that fills the voids created by the factory for smoothness and quite.

The car is pretty good but after running a couple sessions on 100 octane race gas on APR’s 100 map (367hp) I am quite addicted. SO I am contemplating a methanol injection system. But it has to have failsafes!

I haven’t done any 1/4 mile times but I can tell you that on the track I have no problems over taking M3’s, S4’s, RS4s (all driver dependent of course) If I could tame the understeer more it would be that much quicker through the corners.