b9 ecu tune


Wow makes you almost want to skip the B8 Sure this is the A4 but still

Here is what they say.

APR Stage I ECU Upgrade

The APR Stage I ECU Upgrade is the first step towards making more power! This simple upgrade requires no engine hardware modifications, and produces 306-314 HP with 367-388 FT-LBS of torque depending on fuel grade. Gains as high as 61-68 HP and 100-111 FT-LBS of torque are available throughout the power band, depending on fuel grade and factory output, making the vehicle exceptionally quicker in all scenarios.

My best guess is that car makes 208 WHP on the Mustang dyno, where the B8 S4 made about 278 WHP stock on the same equipment. The torque should be almost equal on a tuned 2.0TFSI to a tuned 3.0TFSI, since the supercharger doesn’t deliver as deeply there. Maybe stock is 230 WTQ on the mustang.

I’d expect APR to come in at 250 WHP and 300 WTQ on mustang dyno.

Hey all,

It’s been a while since I posted here on AR. Mostly have been lurking around and I have learned a lot from you guys. Thank you in advance.

So long story short I have my B9 S4 on order which should be arriving some time next month and I am very excited to get back into another S4. I am one of those guys that are very excited about Audi going back to a turbo setup. Been scouring thru all of the B9 S4 forums, IG, FB to get clues on the limitations/potentials of this upcoming platform. From all the reviews I have read so far it seems most are agreeing the stock turbo on this motor was sized properly (and also placed closer in the center of the V) to give that nice low end torque and to reduce the turbo lag. This gives the car a similar feel in the lower rpm area as the outgoing B8/B8.5 model with that instant torque feel. That is all great news.

Now onto the rumors… when it comes to tuning potential the limiting factor will be the size of the single twin scroll turbo (which is obvious). However how limiting will it be? From what I read so far from the forums… most are agreeing this turbo will run out of breath very easily which will limit the power gains compared to the previous gen. APR posted a few teaser images of the new S4 in their possession last month. They also confirmed the size of the turbo “not being massive”. A prediction was put out there in the same comment section that it will make somewhere around 400+ awhp which seems reasonable.

In any case I wanted to see what everyone’s else’s opinions are on the topic. How capable do you think this motor (with stock turbo) will be? There isn’t much info out there on the net since the car is still awaiting release and tuners are staying quiet so I just wanted to start brainstorming with the community.

Screenshot of the turbo and comment below.


Thanks dave for the post and information. if you can please keep this thread alive. I dont venture too far off these forums so its great to get some updates.

I Would love to hear about the s4 when you get it and see some pictures.

As for upgrades those turbos look a bit small from the pictures. If I remember there is going to be two of them on the new S4. For me its kinda hard to get too excited about the turbo S4 when the supercharged S4 is so dominate. I dont think there is going to be any hope of the new turbos on the S4 to come close to that kind of performance. But from the looks of it your right. I think those turbos are meant to give low end instant acceleration but just like the old turbo S4 I think they are going to run out of breath up top. Thats kinda the entire point. Turbos are more RPM driven and the focus for manufactures is effecency and performance. So your range is going to be limited.

Without knowing where the car lands stock it will be hard to tell you how much more power the car might have hiding.

But as a rule of thumb. When it comes to turbos most manufactures only run the production turbos at 65% so there is usually about 35% more available in the peak range. But that dosent mean the full range.

Again thanks for bumping this thread. interested to hear more about how this goes

Not a problem Justin! It was my pleasure. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. I used to come here daily to read up when I had my B8 s4 as the wealth of knowledge on this board is truly exceptional (especially on that platform) and truly hope that trend continues on with the B9. A lot of smart and great folks on here and in all honesty this forum is a gem.

Absolutely! Once I pick up the new car I will do my best to share as much info as I can on here. I am still learning so I will do my best.

I agree on the supercharged 3.0t and where it’s at now. I gave up the car a bit too early (pre-dual pulley days) in favor for the larger C7 A6 due to life… lol but have been following it still since. The SC motor has come a long way. So funny enough… I am in the crowd that were in favor of a turbo motor for their next gen. So naturally I was super stoked once I heard the B9 was going back to using snail(s). By using a turbo, at least to me it seems there could be more options for turbo swaps to make big power if you ever wanted to go Stage 3 or beyond. I am a huge fan of bimmer’s N54 so by Audi going back to turbo was a plus for me. I believe in their platform there were a few different options of turbo swaps compared to the B8. When looking at the 4.0t platform and their potential, it never ceases to amaze me how much power they are tapping out of that motor.

However the downer is that the B9 is actually a single twin-scroll turbo 3.0l. Very similar to the N55 or their new motor B58 in the 340 trim. Also kind of stinks there is no manual or dsg option but I am getting over that. I was honestly hoping for a true twin turbo setup but it is what it is as now I’m hearing they will be using that setup for the RS4/5 line (2.9tt). It is what it is. Lol

But thank you for your input! Much appreciated.

There will most definitely be a turbo upgrade option coming out.

That is great news!

Looks like ABT has extracted about a 20% increase with their piggyback solution. I wonder what other tuners will be able tap out of this motor using a true ecu flash solution.