B9 order guides

I think you really want this car with the adaptive suspension, which means you must order the Prestige. I assume it’s going to be like $50k loaded.





I think what you really want is a 270hp/442ft-lb V6 diesel A4 s-line avant.

F audi and their european models.

I think we need to see what’s available here when it comes.

You don’t need me to tell you turbo diesel is dead in the US. Which is why we’ll get two gasoline turbo cars.

literally - european models that we don’t get on the american website even. now they’re just laughing at us.


our site


I think you mean to say fuck America and their love for suvs

That’s why we don’t get them. We get what they get because we are on their safety standard…and they don’t buy avants.

Mercedes is lobbying Canada to join the rest of the world safety standard and ditch the US standard.

The US site is in German?

Yeah but look its basically a womans car. I dont think we are missing much there

I was making a joke about the models…ahh forget it.

I wouldn’t call that 605ps RS6 Performance a woman’s car. Good on MB trying to get the euro models here, but fuck the e63s wagon they sell, it looks like ass compared to the RS6.



justin was referring to the A1 in the photo you posted with the woman in the picture


Lol yes i understood

Honestly the 2016 A6 is my favorite car on the market right now. In the US you can get it with an exclusive line interior package. $70,125 MSRP for a loaded Prestige. Has my must haves of 4G LTE, LED headlights, etc.