Bastards budget build.. actually started.

well i took two years off from spending money/driving my car, and was rewarded with my “new” motor sending the waterpump on a magical journey out the front of the timing belt cover this spring. I dont even think i put 2k on it since i got it back… deeeeepressing.


donor motor, RPM rods
stock heads, Revolver Cams
SRM “k24” Rs6 hybrids
SRM inlets, downpipes.

Injectors, tune, HPX maf… blah blah blah

Parts are either in hand or enroute at this point, donor motor is getting torn down, checked out, and put together this week i hope.

Already have a lot of supporting mods, good cooling, fueling, etc.

Im hoping to get a few more horsepowers out of a fairly basic upgrade.

well donor motor was a pile, and i ended up changing tack and going with a set of 2.8 heads/cams.

leaving the revolver cams on the table. probably sell em…

took two engines to make one good set of parts…

just about assembled and ready to drop in.

Well, all together and running like a top. Tire season swamped my mechanic so I only got the car back last week.

Its hybernating till spring with the break in oil in her.

Last thing I need to do is swap over to the k24 tune/fueling system (injectors, HPX MAF, 3bar MAP), run some miles on the break-in oil. And then thats it.

Engine was completly rebuild, balanced, and everything in spec. New rings, hone, micropolished crank, cams, etc etc etc… … Since we had to mix and match a bit with the head, some of the cam caps had to be machined.

Also turns out this head was a rare early version of the 2.8, so it was missing the exhaust stud taps for the 2.7 manifold, had to be drilled and tapped. And once that was done it had to be grinded down in a bunch of places to clear the manifolds correctly. Just miscellaneous tabs, casting marks etc in the way.

And no, not one of the super early ones that had external oiling of the cams thank god…

I opted for one of those fluiddampr crank pulleys to try to keep things tame.

Only downside, between the extreme cold, new 3" downpipes, and dynamics of the heads, ive picked up a nasty amount of drone/resonance under load, right around the 2K rpm mark… Ill have to try to mitigate that somehow. Its pretty loud and annoying.

took it to the track. cracked an 11.2 on 100 octane.

looks like it went just fine.

4 years on, still running, had a minor VC gasket leak, and the stage 3 “extreme” southbend shit the bed last year, on a ringer stage 4… I can gap hurracans with this thing. great fun.