Battery Tender and chargers while flashing

For those that flash their on cars, what chargers are you using to keep the battery at level? This is for the stock battery. I have a charger that will do1.5A and 10A. It also has a jump start setting for 40A. I the jump start setting only good for an instant or would I be able to use that setting to flash?

It can depend. On some flashes the fans can kick on when the ECUs are taken off line for flashing. This is a big part of the battery taking load.

If you have a volt meter test the voltage. If it’s north of 12v then you can probably just put it on 1.5A unless the fans kick on then push it to 10A. It’s more about Volts on the battery side. You just don’t want the volts to drop too low as that will lock communication to the ECU and TCU

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Thank you. I’ll give it a shot.