Been Busy

After running into a small roadblock with doing the 90mm throttle body, I got in on the 034 Carbon Fiber Y-Pipe group buy, which I also used the opportunity to purchase the Big Bore inlet pipes.

I had also noticed some leaking coming from the check valves on the Snow Meth system that I run, so I decided to replace all of the the quick connect fittings and vinyl tubing with Earls fittings and stainless line. Also my A/F’s were a bit rich under WOT, which I replaced the dual 350cc nozzles for dual 200cc nozzles.

Finally, with winter getting ready to roll through here, I wanted to be able to control when I was injecting meth, so a switch was in order, and what better switch thsn the Funk Switch. Completely wired in and fully functional.


Good stuff. Like that carbon.

How’s the car running? Quick to forget that these are performance cars when we spend all of our time getting them right.

Thank you, I believe I have it all figured out at work for next week, so assuming everything goes as planned, I will see you next Weds.

You can say that again. Car is actually running really great right now (knock on wood). I bought some Bosch 2.0 fsi coils through work and they were absolute crap and caused a cluster of weird problems. I had 3 fail all at one time a week after I purchased them, which I didn’t believe that it was a coil issue and started check resistance through the ignition system. As soon as I got to Bank 1 and pulled the coils to measure resistance I found this on cyl 6. Made the diagonosis easy. Got Oem VW AG coils and she pulls like a freight train.