Been Busy

After running into a small roadblock with doing the 90mm throttle body, I got in on the 034 Carbon Fiber Y-Pipe group buy, which I also used the opportunity to purchase the Big Bore inlet pipes.

I had also noticed some leaking coming from the check valves on the Snow Meth system that I run, so I decided to replace all of the the quick connect fittings and vinyl tubing with Earls fittings and stainless line. Also my A/F’s were a bit rich under WOT, which I replaced the dual 350cc nozzles for dual 200cc nozzles.

Finally, with winter getting ready to roll through here, I wanted to be able to control when I was injecting meth, so a switch was in order, and what better switch thsn the Funk Switch. Completely wired in and fully functional.