Big turbo RS3 nearly in the 9s already?!

All on stock internals? :o 668awhp? 141mph 10.1 quarter miile

Has anyone ever heard of Iroz motorsports?

Prime do you still have your TT-RS and wanna go 9s?

I stumbled on Iroz in the you tube rabbit hole and have been kinda following that one channel. Incredibly interesting.

I didnt really look much until now that you posted this but apparently Iroz has gone faster than that

Either way 142 is impressive and I think the 141 was full weight from what I can tell.

It looks like Iroz is all about the inline 5motors. IMHO one of the best motors audi has ever made.

The RS3 is really a monster. right now it looks to be the fastest of the Audis beating out the RS7s in 1/4 times or being on the same level with the stock turbo.

Several stage 2+ RS3 cars are in the 10.6 or 7 range. On that instagram link I posted above some lady drove her Iroz stage 2 car to a 10.7 and with bigger turbo the Rs3 looks to be a 9 second contender. It seems the Rs7s are not quite at the big turbo stage just yet.

Sorry for so many posts. But I saw you mentioned primetime.

I know hes got a great working relationship with APR and If Im not mistaken APR had or still has a big turbo kit for the TT RS. I would think it wouldnt be too hard to adapt that over to the Rs3 if they havent already.

With not too many new exciting cars coming out that are not already supported and with the RS3 being the hottest current audi for power you would expect APR to have an answer. As long as they dont do more of stripping out interiors and crap like that I think this RS3 is the newest hottest car for a while.

With Iroz being a 2.5L inline 5 shop and with APR already having a turbo kit for the TT RS I think it looks like a good time to be a RS3 owner. It will be interesting to see how things go the rest of this year. The race season has just started and in some areas like mine its not even started yet and we are seeing full interior Audis with there original motors almost in the 9s. Thats impressive.

More posts and info the better ! Thanks Justin

So they continue to replicate their times; seems legit!

I wanted my next car to be this fast and the only thing that I liked was the V10 supercharged R8s, however this is much more practical…

I can’t believe the stock engine is holding up, of course the E85 is part of that keeping temps down.

I wish Audi would have freaking brought back their Quattro concept replacing the TT and it would have been a done deal for me

Hank Iroz has been building fast audis for quite some time. He knows the 20v i5 engine inside out…not surprised he has made the rs3 fast as well. Very nice guy to speak with as well. Wish I had not sold my urS4 before getting to work with him modding/tuning it. I suspect his cars stay atop the list. George, who was filming, has a built vrt B5 S4. Fun stuff.

They do seem to keep getting good times over and over. The sign of a good company.

The Quattro concept was a great looking car.

I never heard of them until this RS3 thing. The only company I thought was doing anything with the 5 cylinder cars was 034

I have watched a lot of the videos the mallaka guy made I assume that’s the B5 guy. He says he has a B5 but at this point I don’t see any B5 being able to compare or compete with the RS3 over all.

For a short point in time the 4.0T V8 motors were un matched and looked to be kings. The 4.0T cars seem to striggle to get down past the mid 10 second range. Now the RS3 looks like its working on the 9 second land scape. Very exciting

Very exciting…Hank was very active on motorgeek (primarily 034 forum). He knows his way around the i5 thats for sure.

FOr sure, do you think a big factor with the 4.0T is simply overall weight? RS3s and TTRS are pretty light compared

Would imagine thats a very impactful factor

Interesing. I have always been a fan of the I5 motor. I was on motor geek a few times looking to see if I wanted to get an old Urs4 or not. but it seemed like a dying platform.

I would think that has to play a part in all of this and in fairness the RS3 that is a 9 second contender has a bigger turbo. But I think a few 4.0T cars have modded turbos on them and none of them are in the same league… not what I have seen but I don’t spend a lot of time searching.

I think a big part of the dominance is the owners of the RS3 cars are more likely to mod and maybe demand more of a market. That or the 4.0T cars are just plagued with too many issues currently. Take the intercooler. I would have to think they would be plagued with issues on how small that intercooler is.

The big gains on the RS3 seem to come from an intercooler upgrade along with a catless dp. I don’t think the 4.0T motors have an intercooler option and I don’t know how good the Dp options are for the 4.0T

That’s a good point with the 4.0T guys usually are not into modding, especially past a simple tune. We have a anesthesiologist here drives a B8.5 S4 bone stock that constantly asks me about mods showing a lot of interest in modding but when it comes down to actually doing it he is afraid of voiding his warranty even though he can buy a new S4 every 2 months with his salary.

I didn’t realize 4.0T has such a weak intercooler

I am not so convinced that the intercooler is such a massive problem for the 4.0Ts. Keep seeing people posting about how small it is but they will not share any links for any builds that have changed it and showed gains. Done a bunch of searching myself and nothing really helpful comes up either.

The S6/S7 could definitely use some help with the heat exchanger on the front since it is tiny like the B8/8.5 S4s but the A8/S8/RS7 has a pretty big heat exchanger on the front. There are kits for the S6/7 to go to a bigger heat exchanger like AMS but that is majorly pricey.

I think that’s another good point. Not a lot of data. If your going with the current way of thinking the intercoolers usually are not quite up to the challenge of more boost when talking about the past years of OEM intercoolers for Audi.

Making the assumption the same would be true here. Since its an air to water you can always upgrade the heat exchanger but over all the big question is will that be enough…

Last thing is if you have ever looked at one of these 4.0T motors its a nightmare. I don’t see how anyone would be able to work on them and I can only imagine what q nightmare it would be if you had to carbon clean one of these as the intake ports are where the exahaust ports are for standard motors.

I’d like to see higher boost E85 tunes for the 4.0T cars

I would think bigger turbos and E85 might be the bridge to somewhere good for the 4.0T Is just such a nightmare to work on. I don’t know if that will be the biggest thing to hold the cars back.