Bosch AGM battery coding?

Just replaced my battery with Bosch AGM

Tried to use VCDS to do coding in 19-CAN Gateway

Bosch is not listed in vendors of battery and can’t see how to change battery type to AGM

Anyone have an idea ?

Thank you guys and happy new year :confetti_ball:

Vendor does not matter in any way, code any other brand and it will run

Thank you for reply,

What about Ah capacity and battery type

I used AGM battery, how to change that ?

Yes, try to code the battery type (std, AGM) with a code for the one that most closely fits what you have, ie… 60ah AGM, etc… Here’s a great thread with various Battery coding’s on Audizine from a couple of years ago. It should have the coding you need.

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Very nice thread, lot of information
I tried the closest to my battery and noticed battery level with engine running now close to 13.0-13.3V cruising and close to 14.3-14.5V at idle

If I remember before used to be all round 14.3V

Does AGM batteries require low rate charging kind off ?

AGM uses higher charging voltage. If at idle >14.3 V, should be good.