Bought the wife a Q5

Decided to buy the wife a Q5. Went in with the intention of buying her an SQ5 but they wouldn’t meet my price and I wasn’t over paying given the way she treats cars… Thought about a new S3 but with our son and such she wanted an SUV, I was surprised as they pretty much offered 8% off. Also, had a 2015 RS7 with a sticker of $142,425 they offered for 120K, it’s been sitting there for 8 months or so! I wish I didn’t think the car was so fucking ugly, otherwise I’d have bought it and gave her the S4… lol

The Q5 is a 2012 with 12K miles, premium plus, 19’s, and nav. Could care less about the nav and I wanted the B&O but it is what it is… It’s in very very nice shape, was owned by an older couple who only drove it in the summer as they wintered in FL. They’re putting on tailpipes as it just had the raw pipes, giving me a front plate but not installing, detailing it and then I’ll pick it up. Drives very nice… Paid 34K OTD… Also, getting a bunch of swag! hat, t-shirt, mug, etc. Asked for a jacket so we’ll see… lol

Here’s the link to the Q5

Here’s the SQ5 I tried to get. I offered 45K OTD and they wouldn’t take it… The best they would do was 47K OTD and they were willing to throw in 19 winter wheels and winter tires but I passed… I won’t drive it much anyway…

Got the order sheets for the new R8 v10+, just need approval from the wife… lol Also, they claim the RS3 is coming with virtual cockpit so I had them put me on the list so to say. 5% off if I order, told them the day they here a sedan’s officially coming to call and I’ll place the deposit… Will see what happens…

Here’s the RS7 That color is hideous also IMO…

I assume you’re getting the q5 k04’d and tuned :wink: I happen to like the Rs7 and that colour. Interesting that it has sat for so long. I understand why but it can’t look good for the brand and dealer

LOL! Nah it’s the wifes which is why I didn’t keep pushing on the SQ5, as I know I’d have tuned that, pulley, h/e, etc. I’ll just let her drive this the next 5-7 years and she’ll be happy, she just doesn’t care much about cars. Just so it starts every time and handles well in our horrible winters… Reluctantly I’m going to start driving her A4 and I’m selling the Jetta, so shitty auto for me all winter… lol

Yeah, I just can’t stomach the look of the car… I hate the sloped back/sportback styling, just not for me. If it was an RS6 stateside I’d already be driving it… Funny thing is they threw that price out w/o hesitation so if I were really interested I probably could have gotten it even cheaper… Agreed though I could tell they weren’t happy that it’s been there that long… The B&O in that car is unreal I’ll say that much…

that’s the best Q5 since hte 2.0T diesel isn’t sold here. Solid car.

The grey looks ok on the RS7. I like them from the front and front 3/4 but side and rear they’re not my favourite. Hard to deny how excellent they are though.

I think someone on this site just set the stock record with one going 11.5 @ 120 the other day…

Yeah, it drives very nice and actually handles ok for what it is… It’s a surprise so we’ll see what she thinks… She knew I was going to look at them and talk with the dealer as she had been up there driving several of them and was planning to buy but wanted me to check them out… I decided just to buy it for her preemptively so she can’t complain when I buy another toy… lol

this may be why they’re trying hard to get rid of new old stock Rs7s

605 hp RS7 plus coming

WOW! Didn’t hear about that… Cars already bad ass and this just makes it better for those that want the performance but don’t want to “tune” it, let Audi do it for you…

$9,000 tune!
(includes a warranty)

Apr charges what… $2500 and no warranty