Brake pads search

Hi Guys,

Just wondering if anyone here uses Hawk performance brake pads at all. If so do you have a part number for the rear pads.
I’m just about to purchase some but can’t seem to find right ones for rears or a place that seems easy to order from

All sorted. Cambridge Motorsport is the place for anyone in UK looking in future :+1:

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I’ve been searching for Hawk 5.0 fronts for a while now here in the US. Ended up going with EBC reds due to availability. Hopefully they’re enough for my driving style. The OEM TRW pads are terrible and every day I have to work off deposits from the day prior. The shaking is terrible.

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Hopefully the guys I’m ordering mine from won’t have me waiting too long.
Although I’ve been told my Reylands disks could take upto 28days to arrive so I’ve got a few weeks still.

Update brakes are complete :grin:

Nice! Also EBC Reds aren’t enough for flat out driving on the Tail of the Dragon. Foot to the floor after roughly 8 miles. Should have gone with Yellow. Fade was predictable though. Rotors were shiny blue and pedal came back after 10 minutes of being stopped.

I got the hawk performance ones

I personally think EBC and yellow stuff are fine but especially back in the day but when comes to RS models they just don’t cut it. Better spending a little more.

So far these hawk ones seem decent. I got the HP plus ones on front and the Z ceramic ones on back.
Noisy so far but feel great

I think for a daily pad the reds are actually just fine. However for something like the extremely aggressive driving I do on the Tail I will probably order a pad set like the blues.

Reds have been a complete failure on the RS6 forums. Leave rotor deposits when hot and give that warped rotor feeling. I use Yellows on the street but wouldn’t recommend them for the track.

If you’re in the states, take a hard look at Carbotech. For the street, the 1521 is about as good as it gets. Easy on rotors and very little dusting. The 1521’s are compatible with their track day line as well, no need to re-bed the pads going from street to track.