C6 Carbon Fiber Door Trim

Asking $300 OBO. Drivers side has been repaired but still has a small crack that I did not restore.

Drivers has 1" crack

$375 now includes passanger air bag trim piece. This piece has cracking

2007-2011 Audi S6 OEM Carbon Fiber Door Card Panel Trim Set. Carbon fiber was only an upgrade option on the S6. Will fit all A6 and S6 model years 2005-2011.

Condition: Used. In excellent condition. All mounting tabs intact and no cracks in the carbon fiber on all pieces with excpetion to drivers door trim piece does have small 1" crack. Passanger dash piece has multiple cracks. Please view pictures prior to purchase

4F0867409M (drivers door, 1 small crack)
4F0867419F (rear left door)
4F0867420F (rear right door)
4F0867410M (passanger door)
4F1853190R7V7 (passanger air bag dash trim, cracking)

$300 for all 5 pieces

Bump $250 for all 5. Cheapest on the web.

Each piece lists $250 new @ dealer

Dash piece sold. Door card trim still available $170 obo for all 4

How hard is it to take existing trip pieces off?

All are easy with exception to the air bag / pass side dash piece has brittle tabs holding it in. It is REALLY in there. Invest in a trim removal kit on amazon for $15. Great tool to add to your arsenal. I also I use the trim removal kit to easily pop out coil packs

Buyer never bought dash piece btw. Whole kit, 5 pieces for $170 + ship