Camming the V10?

So I’ve seen a lot of people change cams on at least american muscle cars like Corvettes, Camaros etc. Why not do it for the S6? I realize there may not be many ready-made cams, but there are places that make custom cams.

LS based engines are easy and cheap to replace the cam… there’s only 1.

Now multiply that times 4 and add an additional 60% tax on it because its German.

Nobodies going to be dropping 3-4 grand on a set of cams and custom tuning on top of having to drop the motor because good luck getting to the rear of the engine with it installed.

It’s just the sad nature of an expensive DOHC V10. With that being said even if you COULD find a place that would make custom camshafts for the S6/S8, they likely wouldn’t do it unless it was for a group buy of 10-20 other units to factor in the cost of R&D.

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Pretty much summed up above.

Muricah x4 x1.6 = just get an LS at that point.

US and German engine building is similar in the sense that they both use internal combustion and the similarities drop quickly from there.

I see! Makes sense, I figured there’s probably a reason why not. I didn’t realize the LS only had one cam.

I know they DID make cams but not sure if they still do. BUT keep in mind a few things. You have an interference motor so more valve lift isn’t really a thing. On domestic motors where they have loads of room between the head valve and motor this is more achievable. I think some of the cams helped with duration. Then there is the R8 camshaft but your heads / exhaust and manifold are not built for that power curve.

If you’re going to change a cam you really need to look at the window of power. Just like when you degree a cam you shift the curve. Since we have vairable valve lift system this kinda removes this issue but lift and duration play a big role.

That being said. with all the cam options over all of the years. with the Audi 4 valve to 5 valve option we have I’ve NEVER seen a cam that made any amount of power that made sense installing. And I got a free set of schric cams for my 4.2 S4.

Cams are not a big power adder on any modern overhead cam engine, especially one that is na.