Can't modify old post

The first post in the S6 Info dump thread is where I try and keep the bulk of the info. Up until now, I have periodically gone and edited the post, as I corrected information or added new info.

Today, I went to add some new info to the first post and found the MODIFY button not there. It is still available on other posts later in the thread, that were made more recently.

So, I am guessing that the ability to modify a post expires after a certain period of time from the original post date. Is that correct?

It does on many forms

Maybe beemercer or clochner can edit it for you? Or god

Sounds like it does expire after a period of time, though I’m not sure how long.

Perhaps just start a new post? Otherwise, I can edit for you.

OK, thanks guys.

I was used to just making a bunch of small updates, every now and then.

I’ll save up the info, and msg you for assistance when I have more to add. I’m not adding a lot of new info at this point anyway


Does anybody know how many posts you need to perform before you get editing privileges?

I wanna edit a few posts. I uploaded photos to a thread instead of uploading them to the forum and then embedding a link in the thread, and I’ve noticed that the first option has left the photos unviewable on an iPhone. I just wanna edit the posts to embed the links, so that everyone can see the photos regardless of phone vs computer usage.


I believe I just ran into the same issue as v8a6 :-\ I went into my build thread and wanted to edit couple of main mod posts on the first page by adding updates and it seems “Modify” button is not there. So the only way is to either PM chlochner or start a new post???

there might be a time limit. Most VB sites are like that, so maybe Simple Machines are too.

I agree with sakimano. Most forums time out and the idea is for you to make a new post to update content. It is like this on some of the mustang forums. Its to keep a better stream of information flow. I would try to PM the mod for help.