Cars in US / Houston Areas of Motorsport interest

So, took the big decision due to work to relocate the family from Europe to US and specifically in Houston. I ll be coming towards the end of the month to short out housing, etc etc, and then end of March / start April we ll arrive to the other side of the Atlantic. Unfortunately this means that my beloved S/C RS4 and my other cars/bikes will have to go and start from scratch in the US.

a few questions if you can help:

  1. Will need a car for myself, + track toy and one for the wife. Which sites do you normally use to search for cars?
  2. Reputable tuners for European cars in Houston?
  3. Motorsport scene for Houston? I am looking mainly for tracks and the very occasional dragstrip
  4. Is it illegal to carry a trailer with a car on or have tinted windows or drive with a half cage on a public road, etc etc?
  5. Leasing a new car (or take over a lease) vs getting a loan vs a car vs just buying a car (i understand there are too many options in the US for this)

I am sure I ll think of a few more questions, but any initial insight would be greatly appreciated!


That’s awesome, man! I think there’s a few of us AR guys in Houston, but I’m the only S6 one here. I’ll try as best as I can to answer all of your questions in a detailed manner.

  1. If you’re looking locally, I’d say Vroom (formerly known as Texas Auto Direct) is a great and fair dealership that has used cars in pretty good condition. Likewise, if you’re looking for the best possible deal (locally or nationwide) then Cargurus is another one. Keep in mind that these are all listings, so you’ll get the good with the bad. I personally found my S6 in Colorado through them, paid $120 to get it inspected then ended up purchasing it site unseen and got a clean car.

  2. For Audis, you’ll be depending on mainly JHM which over here comes HIGHLY recommended or APR if JHM doesn’t offer a tune for that particular model. The great thing about both of these companies and living in such a metropolitan area is that there’s several dealers that’ll install the tune. Hell, I went to a non-recognized JHM dealer and they figured out the tuning process very easily. In fact, if you’re looking for a reputable autoshop then Enguineity Autowerks are AMAZING. Took care of all of my maintenance including a carbon clean, they provide loaners and a free car wash/cleaning every single time. :slight_smile:

  3. I’ll be honest, I haven’t gotten to this point in my vehicle YET. I hear there’s several tracks around the area: Sam Houston Race Park and Houston Motorsports Park. They should be pretty good to burn some rubber. Also, every first Saturday of the month Houston has Cars and Coffee which is a meetup of cars from all walks of life (exotics like Lambo, Ferrari, Bugatti…, oldschool classics, Euro cars like BMW Ms, Audi R8/RSs, etc).

  4. It’s funny how uncommon that is here, but very common in Europe… there’s no laws AGAINST carrying a trailer parse, but you won’t see many Audi’s with trailers. Lol. Also, there’s certain laws for window tint but you can get them to your liking and be fine tbh. Just don’t have the driver’s side completely blacked out and you’ll be ok. I’d say Houston is pretty lenient about it in general unless you’re aggressively committing other violations (swerving between lanes, running stop signs, speeding 20+ over, etc). As for a half cage, are you referring to NASCAR car cages? If so, I haven’t heard of a law against it.

  5. That will all depend on what YOU are looking for. A lease is a great cost effective option if you’re not putting on too many miles and you’re not looking to modify the car (i.e. daily driver). Lease options are typically only available for newer models as well (previous year, current year models). If you’re looking for a 2008 Audi RS4, then I can guarantee you that you can’t lease it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know which vehicle(s) you’re looking for and I can find you some local and nationwide. Also depending on the vehicle criteria, you’re better going with certain lenders. For example, most banks here have limited financing if your vehicle is over 5-7 years old. I work at Wells Fargo, so I’m heavy on finances - just let me know.

Lastly, us Texans can be somewhat different when it comes to driving… the speed limit will be 70, and we’ll all be going 90 in the far left lane (fastest lane in the US). So if you see a huge Ford F250 or Ram 3500 trying to take out your bumper, then that’s why. LOL.

Great Post!! Thank you very much for the information provided. I will definitely be looking in the sites you recommended. I only found which contains some decent amount of adverts!

Yeah I know JHM, too well I would say, since my current RS4 is equipped with their stage 1+ (further modified). I uploaded the tune myself. I have all the jhm cable and its dead easy once you get the process.

Good points on the leasing part and the mileage…haven’t thought this through carefully yet so I will see how it goes but I am leaning towards a deposit and a finance to start building some credit (even though my company does provide assistance with this part).

On vehicles I need to get an idea of the prices first and will let you know the details! Once again many thanks for all the info!

Texas is awesome.

A few things but Im sure GRS6 will know better as he is from there.

Your going to find all kinds of cars in TX but more domestic than Euro. In the states in certian states you will find more domestic than anything.

To be honest. If you really like your RS4 bring it to the states. Euro cars are going to be more expensive here than I would think they are in Europe. If you really want to do well buy an RS6 or two the ones with the V10 and I’m sure you could sell them super quick here in the states. Most likely to guys on this site LOL…

car sites Autotrader cargru are good ones.

Euro turners over here are not like in Europe. Most of them kinda suck. Stick to the big names like JHM APR etc.

Domestic tuners are kinda the same you want to stick to big names.

Depending on how you see the world you’ll love TX… and remember everyone you don’t like in TX probably came from California because California is a shit hole. The same people who ruined California realize that now California has become a shithole and they are going to the state thats just the opposite and thats TX.

Being from Europe myself. I say that because California is everything most of us hate about Europe and TX is everything you think the USA is. LOL… Just my opinion but… Its cool and funny to drive down the road and see a full line of guns on a gun rack in TX.

Super cool my friend! Thank you! I ve been to Houston a few times (short visits) with my previous company so I am slightly “familiar” with the whereabouts and I do like it to be honest!

I see your point on the Euro cars in some state. Maybe an audi as a family car (with very mild tuning, tune-exhaust-intake) without messing with it deeply as I did with my cars here in Europe and a domestic one (probably with an LS7 engine? + the well know Vortech thingy) to play along and track it. We ll see! …its always nice to have options!

I have searched extensively the option to import my cars in the states…and its just a total pita!!! i ll be better off selling them and buy something locally which can be sold locally afterwards.

LOL please do import some RS6s. You’ll save BlackS6 lots of money! ;D

you can always buy my S6 and drive to Houston from OKC :smiley: