Cars in US / Houston Areas of Motorsport interest

So, took the big decision due to work to relocate the family from Europe to US and specifically in Houston. I ll be coming towards the end of the month to short out housing, etc etc, and then end of March / start April we ll arrive to the other side of the Atlantic. Unfortunately this means that my beloved S/C RS4 and my other cars/bikes will have to go and start from scratch in the US.

a few questions if you can help:

  1. Will need a car for myself, + track toy and one for the wife. Which sites do you normally use to search for cars?
  2. Reputable tuners for European cars in Houston?
  3. Motorsport scene for Houston? I am looking mainly for tracks and the very occasional dragstrip
  4. Is it illegal to carry a trailer with a car on or have tinted windows or drive with a half cage on a public road, etc etc?
  5. Leasing a new car (or take over a lease) vs getting a loan vs a car vs just buying a car (i understand there are too many options in the US for this)

I am sure I ll think of a few more questions, but any initial insight would be greatly appreciated!


wow, its been a while since I have been in the forum and it has completely change look and feel! almost a year after the initiating post and the whole family has relocated to Houston. Its not Athens/Greece but still a decent place…and has a road course track just 45 mins away from home!!

back from home I sold evereything in terms of vehicles but kept the rs4…it will probably have to fo after summer 2020 that I will return for vacation. Currently trying the local car scene so opted for a Z06, had an engine builder (LME) make a brand new fully forged longblock based on a race block (LSR) and heads (Brodix) which was measured at 752 on LME’s engine dyno…I added to the car lot of track spec elements and its very decent on the road and track (as I wait for my dedicated track car)…

From all the knowledge of buidling the stage 1+ in the RS4, I am really tempted to bolt a bigger vortec s/c on the LS7 stroked motor and play with 6-8 psi of boost.

Anyone from here going to MSR-Houston track? I am trying to go at least once max twice a month. Currenly looking at an RS3 for a daily driver.