Cayenne turbo s e-hybrid (918 tech in the SUV)

Old news but Looks like I found my cayenne upgrade. I’m happy that we are starting to see the maximizing of hybrid technology before electric cars, makes so much more sense and the cars and SUVs will sound so much better. 680 HP anyone? 550 from the 4.0tt and 130+ from the electric motor. 30 miles on electric only, no real reports on mpg. My biggest reservation is the 700 additional weight at least that’s what it added to the panamera, apparently that only slowed it one tenth to sixty vs the no -hybrid and still pulled 1.0G on the skidded but defiantly something to keep in mind.

News that this powetrain is likely coming to the cayenne:

Panamera turbo s e-hybrid first drive

It probably ain’t doing to happen wth all the scandals, but I honestly wish they would just bring the cayenne s diesel v8 over here (385 hp and 626 tq, then add a tune), tons of tq and 30+ mpg sounds decent for a diesel, would check all my boxes and be far less $$$ than the above machine.