CCB Retrofit Coding

For those who upgraded to CCB brakes, be sure to adjust the ABS Module coding to allow for the disc wipe function.

You only need change the first two digits of the current code to ‘30’ the rest of the code remains the same.

Enabling the disc wipe feature will keep the rotors and pads up to temperature and prevent any brown trouser moments when driving in the rain. The wipe feature activates when the windshield wipers are selected on or have completed 3 wipes in intermittent setting.


Good info for when the day comes that I go the CCB path… thanks for posting.

I never knew anything about this its a great bit of info to have and know if i ever go down this route thanks @JamesRS5. I wonder if it would be beneficial to have this even with the normal discs or would this only be for the CCB’s and worthless on the normal discs ? Just thinking out aloud !

Just CCB’s. Iron rotors don’t react the same when wet and cold like CCB’s do.

That’s what i thought but worth asking the question thanks Michel :blush:

I would imagine it would only create extra brake dust Steve, it probably won’t do any harm but it’s not required.

CCBs when cold and wet have no initial response to the brake pedal, there is pedal pressure but nothing happens, this makes you press harder to try and get braking effort, The brakes then rapidly gain heat and react to the now relatively heigh pedal pressure which becomes interesting in the wet, the car squirms around quite a bit and you go from almost rear ending the car in front to the car behind almost rear ending you.

Haha @JamesRS5 yeah that’s not good !! I just thought if you have got certain pads there initial bite from cold is not very good untill you have warmed them up a bit and this might help ?