Changing words?

I’ve noticed this a while ago and just didn’t have time to post, but once I press post the word b e n e f i t automatically changes to word beit. Even if I go back and edit it, once I submit it, it still goes back to that.
Like so: beit <- actually spelled right but it auto changed into this.

N E F is blocked (as I understand it, they help facilitate the stealing of tunes).

Other members more in the know/experience can chime in more.

Yeah NM is blocked for that exact reason. I believe in the case of word B-E-N-E-F-I-T it’s just a glitch. If anybody has any more examples of auto-correct except it’s auto-incorrect then post them up here.

Wow it doesn’t even go through with a dash between each letter, like above^.

Any combination of N E F gets automatically edited in an effort to never have a forum by the same name mentioned on here. That particular forum is devoted to stealing tuning software from some of the major names in the market, so obviously that’s the opposite of what AR is about.

It really doesn’t affect many words - mostly B E N E F I T.

Thesarus time…i catch myself using benefit more than i thought

I think we’re all used to seeing beit and thinking it’s true meaning

Beit is now part of my regular vocabulary :slight_smile: