Check Oil Level - Info dialog

Hi again,

While I’m waiting for parts to arrive for a different project on the S6, I thought it would be best to fix some of the issues that have plagued us for a while. We have a habitual warning of “Check Engine Oil Level” on the dash display. Checking the oil level shows that it is perfect, running right in the middle of the hatching on the dipstick. VCDS doesn’t list any errors or warnings. I replaced the sensor twice with the same results.

The one thing with this, the warning will go away after you pop the hood, well for about 20 min of driving, and then it returns.

I have a theory of this being related to not getting the car service reset, but it’s just a theory. I noticed that VCDS doesn’t have a file for these cars, so I’m thinking that not all the subsystems get their service interval reset?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I’d love to not have any warning chimes or icons on the dash.