Chris@Revo just got his own sale thread derailed...

So I was surfing AZ because well… I was having a poop morning and needed something to laugh about so I decided to see what lies and dramalammas were being let run free on the world. In the process of surfing I came across the Revo Summer Sale Thread. It seems as though with breath of the new life that JHM has brought to the B7 A4 section Revo wanted to try to make some money by throwing a Summer Sale (shame on them trying to profit off of the work of other…seems like they never learn

Anyways… Chris@Revo said a couple of things that I just cant bring myself to believe are true. He stated that all ME9 ECU’s that are flashed with performance file or tunes revert back to a stock configuration when the battery is unplugged? Now my name may say Guru and when it comes to most things I’m pretty knowledgeable but this just doesn’t seem right. I know a couple people that have APR with multiple programs and their files are always there after they unplug the battery on the car. They are locked into whatever program they had chosen before the battery was unplugged. The guys at Revo are trying to tell people that you need to go have the ECU reflashed or have the cute little #pocketdongle (don’t search that hashtag…you will regret it) to get you ECU back into a tuned mode.

What i also saw as very comical was how Chris@Revo tried to tell Jake@JHM he was #1: Lying and tried to make Jake out like a bad guy in this whole thing. #2: How someone basically quoted Jake from another thread with what i like to call The 6 reasons why JHM is better than you post… and #3: This one being the best one. Someone also dropped in the link of the JHM Avant with just the Stage 1 Tune on it shitting down the throat of the Revo car with Exhaust…That right there MADE MY DAY…You made forsale thread and then had a video get posted of your tune getting smacked down on…in your own Sale Thread:! Funny how after Jake, Mec and that other guy stopped posting it was like Chris@Revo got on the phone and called any and all people who have Revo to come try to get the thread back in the good…but the damage had already been done… Too bad there isn’t a link to the JHM Tuning on the website yet because i can surely see that getting dropped in there and then [/]Thread.

Here are the screen shots from the conversation:

Sorry for the smaller size of the words in the photos I was trying to catch as much in one screen shot as possible.

That was hilarious. The video was great. Keep quoting it lol

lol. That was pretty entertaining.

And Europa parts coming in to support Revo. :stuck_out_tongue:

My contribution

Hugh@europaparts could be the dumbest mother fucker ever

First he says that revo is great

Then he says ‘a tune is just a tune’ when people talk about how great JHM is

Then he goes on to day How amazing his revo tune is and how it’s way better than his crappy Apr tune which “was slow”

What a fucking dummy.

Did the video of JHM raping revo get taken down? Also have people forgotten how many fucking motors revo has blown just based on ignorant parameters?


OK… Some UPDATES- Hubert seems to be a little bit butt hurt right now…

Huge fail for EuropaParts. They’ve just showed every mistake you can make in marketing. Mec’s posts were fantastic but the last post essentially showed EuropaParts, sells and supports stolen software. Both revo and EuropaParts did more damage to themselves in one thread then they’ve probably ever done. If I’d never buy from EuropaParts now after reading that I’d be willing to be others feel the same. Even worse for them. There’s a permanent thread with the screen shots here now. Even if AZ deletes the thread this thread will still be here

I was curious why everything was screenshot, then I remembered how threads just get locked and disappear on audizine. Smart move.

Ya screenshot ftw lol! That shit is never coming down now :slight_smile:

That was pretty damn funny. Hugh should have put the keyboard down and walked away a few posts ago.

Haha that’s hilarious. Good work on the screencaps

Mods have gone through and deleted/edited posts already.

Even more reason to screen cap!

It’d be interesting to see what posts were removed

Agreed… I would love to know

Anyone drop that video on them since the edit? That would be hilarious

That would have been pretty comical!

Wish I had seen this earlier.
I been relying on europaparts for a while for oil and filter since they sell Motul oil that I use on everything motor related since my early days with 2 strokes.
Then when I got my A3 once things started braking I used them for certain things, like for example the ac and condenser, radiator, timing belt kit and and most recently LCA bushings.

Now the compressor was Sanden and looked new, the condenser though, some Chinese brand… I got skeptical. Radiator was nissen (???), timing belt all seemed to check with stock parts (hepu metal
Impeller, continental belt and so on), but then I went to pick up my LCA and that’s where they lost me. I ordered A3 LCA’s for the sport suspension. They are more solid than the GTI (don’t have the side slits) but not as harsh as the s3 ones (which are a solid rubber all around)
Sure enough I drive there to pick up and when I ask why they gave me the LCA with the slits, Hugh said they all come now like that (???) and to my aggravation they gave me 2 driver side ones.

They seemed like a good place for parts but unfortunately I guess they fell to the Chinese brands and are just trying to make a buck.

You guys have anything to say about jimmyellis Audi of Atlanta? I been ordering a lot of stuff from them and their prices are really reasonable for a dealership.

We can get you anything you need bud. Just let me know if you can’t find it on our website!