Clearing sunroof drains

I found some water pooling in the front passenger footwell after the car sat in a very heavy rain and I realized that the front sunroof drains on both sides are clogged.

I pushed a length of cable wire down from the sunroof drain inlet and also up from the outlet at the front door––there seems to be a blockage near the base of the A-pillar. I can see some mud on the cable ends when I poke from the bottom.

Is there a trick to clearing this? I don’t think compressed air will be enough.
Is there a kink in the drain at the base of the A-pillar or is this just a blockage that needs to be cleared?

I was wondering if you sorted your drain issues.

I am experiencing the exact problem in my 07 S6.
Any tips or outcomes you have used or seen I would appreciate any information on this job


I paid a shop to clean them—not sure what they did but it’s fine now. Probably compressed air…

Ok thank you!
I will try that approach.


Get one of this, it will do the job

Just find on my car, possible leaking can be caused by broken glue on crossover from sunroof to drain pipe.
Im just preparing to put headliner and did test of drain by blowing into it and noticed leak of air on that part.

I used double side Tesa with 3 rounds and also from outside

Thank you for the great pics of the drain system and your fixes!