Clunking over bumps

Are there common failure points or bushings that cause a clunk going over bumps in the S6? I’m at 114k miles in my 2008 and have done upper control arms already. No noises under heavy acceleration or cruising, but slower speeds (35 ish) I can hear a fairly loud clunk from the right front when hitting uneven spots on the road. Cv axles make no abnormal noises when fully turned, it sounds further up front than to be the driveshaft bushing.

There is also one front left during braking.

All ideas are appreciated!

I would defiantly check over your suspension hardware. Could be many things, failing ballpoint, if you didn’t torque your uppers with the car under load that could also do it. Also check the upper mount plate, seen some with a stripped bolt flap a little and make bangs.

Also always use blue loctite on suspension components.

Appreciate the tips, I did the control arms after the noises started since they were oe and it was all torqued right (used a jack to raise everything to ride height). The upper plate was good too, all 3 bolts tightened down right on both sides.

Guess I’ll check ball joints tomorrow, appreciate it! Any other ideas to check while it’s up?

Well that was easy :joy:

thanks @RRussell

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So it was the sway bar link bushings?

Hopefully so. That’s the only one that has any issue, no play in ball joints or lower control arm bushings. Parts will be here Friday

Mine was the same thing and that sway bar end link shot its self off on the highway on me. Only the bushing remained lmao

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@brninitdwn — loose bolt?

For me it wasn’t even loose like the whole thing exploded. It kept clunking crazy. Only the bolts and bushing remained and the sway bar smashed down and destroyed the bottom covers by smashing it into the ground.

@justincredible Everything is tight but the top half of the bushing disintegrated on the passenger side. I have it parked until the parts get here, doing both sides as a precaution. I think much longer and it would go like the one in @Sprawwl s post. The original part number has been superceded so hopefully that means a design change.