clutch replacement

Is it the traditional Lamborghini clutch replacement story for the R8, as in pull the engine to get at the clutch?

As if dealing with the non-depreciation factor isn’t enough when trying to buy an R8, imagine knowing you’ll also at some point have to pour $$$ into that job?

Nothing on the r8 looks easy. You have to take off the back and of the car just to do an exhaust. It looks like you don’t need to pull the motor to do the clutch…from the pictures I saw…

change your thread title

  1. it doesn’t say what car it is (some people browse the ‘new posts’ rather than looking through forum by forum). Add Audi R8 to the title

  2. ask a question in the title, rather than making a (very vague) statement.

“Anyone have information on changing the clutch on an Audi R8?”

As for the question you forgot to ask in the title, it’s not that horrible, but it is still a bit of labour. Transmission can be removed without removing the engine. Expect to be asked for about $4500-5500 by the dealer for a clutch replacement.

V8 or V10?

Remember the R8 is like the Gallardo so the transmission is almost touching the rear bumper.