Compression Tests. A4 3.0 2002-2005

B6 A4 2002
Motor- 3.0 AVK
Mileage- 117,971

Cylinder 1- 129
Cylinder 2- 130
Cylinder 3- 128
Cylinder 4- 130
Cylinder 5- 129
Cylinder 6- 131

Oil- Motul Xcess 5w40
OCI- Every 3-4k
Owner- Have had the car since 92k which has been the past 3 years this month of Nov.12

I’m not sure if your posting this as a “bad” news type of post, but your wear limit is also 9 bar (130PSI) like the 4.2 BHF

Fortunately, you can probably have bottom end work done and do a piston/rods upgrade, or new rings.

I am a little bit confused, are you saying my compression check results are not where they should be? My tech told me I was right on.

Definitely low by any standards. They should all be at least 20psi higher, however they are all consistent so I blame poor testing methods. Was the motor hot? TB held open? All plugs removed? Fuel pump fuse removed?

I had so much going on with my bill that I wasn’t paying attention to what the tech was telling me at the time. I THINK I remember him saying something about there being different ways to test compression, and he did it by pulling plug and cranked it? I don’t remember what else he really said though they were trying to pull a fast one so I had my attention on the bill. So what should I do to get a proper reading?

Update- I finally got a chance to talk to my tech about my compression because I thought they were doing it again for me but they didn’t. I found out that he didn’t have the throttle body open so that was why it didn’t read fully. I will retest it again in the future just because I do want to know the exact numbers but for now thats good enough for me.