Considering purchasing a 2011 BMW X5 M

Anything I need to be concerned with? Reviews all look good I have read about about the 4.4 biturbo seems well received.

Yeah they are not bad. If it has an issue it will end up in pieces at the dealership.

I remember when I had my e60 there was a brand new x6 M, that they dismantled and then couldn’t figure out how to repair or put it back together so they gave he guy a new one haha, talk about a lemon.

How are prices I bet they are pretty reasonable now, 30k?

Yes, right around 30k. Lol great story. haha I couldn’t Imagine not getting it back together.

There is only 1 option

Indeed! Mines faster;)

…when buying an ‘suv’ for your wife.


I seriously don’t see the point of a Macan…too small. Just buy a car that isn’t 12 inches off the ground…then it will be lighter, will handle better and be quicker.

Want an SUV? Get something of size so you can fit stuff in it.

The crossovers don’t make a ton of sense. Especially when the back window is all slanted like that where it ruins cargo space.

Have you driven one yet? Last X5 of that vintage I drove had a truly awful, wooden, unacceptably uncomfortable ride.

A friend also had one and got rid of it much earlier than planned due to the ride.

Thats right! :wink:

I guess it has some versatility and more room compared to the 911 and you know americans they love their “suvs”