Control arm bolt

after getting my car back from the shop pulling the motor I noticed that my passenger side control arm looked a little weird. I have no idea if it has been like this or not but they said they didn’t touch the control arms.

Remove the large aluminum piece from all the control arms and axel. Blow torch the metal at the last few inches of bolt. This is where the aluminum and steel is making contact. Get it in a vice and heat above spot.

Take a quality, fine tip punch, and make a starter point for a bigger punch. If you have an air chisel, that’s how I did it.

Good luck. Don’t destroy the area around the bolt…

They are a total PITA. My first experience with one required me to drill it out.

After that, when I have to do the upper control arms, I slather the heck out of them with copper antiseize.


I had the same problem. The pain I endured to repair…