Cooling fan won't shut off

Fan on constantly out of the blue, as soon as I turn on the ignition. Won’t shut off until I disconnect the battery. 2008 audi s6 39k miles. Was thinking about changing the fan control module but can’t find it

The fans or the fan module can go bad. I don’t have a great picture but the better option to help start down the path on what might be wrong with the fans is to pull the fuse.

Look here for the fan fuse

You’ll need to pull out the plastic cover and then remove the plastic cover shown circled in red in this picture. There is like maybe 12 fuses in a row. If I remember correctly its the 5amp fuse about 4 fuses from the bottom.

If you just start pulling fuses sooner or later the fans will shut off. That would be the fuse to pull.

Thanks for the information on the location of the fuse. Any idea what could be causing the fans to stay on high speed and don’t shut down?

Also where is the fan module located? Thanx again.

Removed the fuse and high speed fan shut off, can I drive to car? Fan still works with a/c on. Hanx a million.

Yeah that generally does it. You can drive but if you’re going to get stuck in traffic you might want to keep that fuse handy.

Thank you, tried replacing the fan but that didn’t work, is there a relay somewhere for the high speed fan? Also what does the electrical connection on the thermostat do?

The connection on the thermostat helps operate the thermostat in opening and closing.

Will the fans turn off with the fuse removed still…

It will shut off if I pull the fuse,