Cooling fans are always running

I have a basic question about why my cooling fans are always on with the ignition on.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

If the car starts and runs like normal. Then it’s a bad fan or fan module. You can pull the fuse until you solve the issue. This is what most people do. Just be mindful if you’re going to be driving in stop and go traffic on a hot day.

Ok great thanks for the tip, where exactly is the fuse for the module?

I had a picture at one point. It’s under the hood. There is a fuse box in the upper driver side. Take the lid off the fuse box and it’s one of the standard size fuses. I don’t remember off hand.

Thank you!
I will track down the fuse and remove, the fans are draining my battery when not running and won’t allow me to upload a Tune.
Is the fan control module located int the engine bay as well?

The control module is built into the back of the fans I believe I had the same issue I had to buy $400 fans from the junkyard and it fixed my problem

Also another thing is if your fans don’t turn off after pulling the fuse check the wiring going to the fan because one time my wires were damaged and it kept running at full speed regardless of the fuse being in and killed my battery

Ok thank you for the advice, I pulled the fuse and they stopped running at full speed now.
I will likely have to take my fans out as well

I’m saying the actual fans themselves are the control modules built into them

Right I see, good to know and makes sense too
Any issues with any of the temp sensors on the fan system in your experience?

They been fine I guess I bought an entire new fan assembly after the thing was staying on and not cutting off

I never really tried to go through effort of trying to pull it apart since the fans that were on there weren’t the originals since I had a accident so I had to change it. I bought fans from a8l with like 160k miles and when thing started staying on and not cutting off I just bought a new ones that had 80k miles

Right, well I may go that route if I can track one down
There are very few S6 C6 in Canada these days

I appreciate your advice!


Maybe try a8l fans like I did I cut them to fit into the housing and used straps to hold it in. Or maybe try taking apart fans and perhaps some way you can fix them

Ok good to know! Thank you

Well the fuse removed somehow they are still running! Haha

That happened to me check your wiring to the fans that happened to me when one of my wires were broken into fan

Regardless of fuse being in or not it constantly kept running