CV Axle Lock Ring?

2007 S6 - I am replacing a torn inner cv axle boot and noticed that this lock ring was not on.

The snap ring was there. The Meyle boot kit I got also came with the lock ring. When I tried to install it, it just doesn’t seem right or if it should even be there.
Do you know if it needs to be installed or ?
Thank you!

Well…I ended up putting it back together the way it was (without lock clip). I think that for whatever reason my cv axle doesn’t need a lock clip because the axle is thicker where the star joint rests. Maybe most axles aren’t like that. :man_shrugging:

Every axle I’ve rebuilt. Gets a lock ring. Never seen or heard of them not. My shafts are fatter as well. Stil I bet here was a cutout to put one right?. Then get a snap ring set.

snap ring on top and lock ring on bottom. It keeps the tri-bearings from being sloppy and wearing faster.

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Thank you for the reply. Interestingly, that doesn’t look like my axle. If I had been thinking I would have taken a photo - doh!
My axle has no cutout (groove) for a lock ring near the bottom of the splines, like on yours. There is one near the top for a snap ring though. If there was a cutout on my axle, like shown in your photo, I 100% would have put that lock clip in. There definitely was no groove like that. Splines were continuous. At the bottom of the splines on my axle there is a thickened metal band (not the music kind), that is probably 1 or 2 mm wider than the splines. Very interesting. I wonder if my car has some custom axle or maybe the wrong axle…

Strange…never seen one w/o. Just some info. They cost a shit ton. It’s robbery. So I buy an A8 axel for seventy bucks. And then just remove everything. All the inner workings are identical to mine. Slap it on my S6 c6 axle shafts. Saves me so much $$$

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Fantastic tip! Thanks for your help and feedback. I’m now wondering what axle I have on my car :joy: They work well soooo…


Do you have part numbers?
Would love to try that out on my S6 V10.

I have an issue between 104km/h and 128km/h (65mph and 80mph) my steering wheel shakes fairly to quite a lot. Below and above very little to not at all. Above 200km/h (125mph) it rides like a train on rails.
It’s 100% related to rotational speed of the axles/wheels.
I have a feeling it could be a balance issue with the axle’s? :man_shrugging: :sweat_smile:

Yes… I have thought about the rims/wheels but they all test perfect in balance on the Wheel Balancer.

Howdy. Yes I do. I am not ignoring ya. I’ll be home early tomorrow. I’ll shoot ya all the goods in the a.m. it work’s fantastic!

Center drive shaft carrier?

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Would you be willing to share with all of us? This seems to be a common issue and it sounds like you have found a way to save us all some $$$. I would greatly appreciate it and I’m sure others would as well. Thank you!

Well…I took my car into the pros and they are replacing the cv axle with an OEM part. We are not sure what the axle was from, but decided it was too short, so maybe an A6. We may never know, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it drives with the new part.

Great information about the interchangeable A8 axle!
I would also like the PN if anyone has it.


Picked up my car today with new CV axle (thanks warranty company). For the first time in 2-1/2 years there is no shudder! I also had the transmission mount changed and fluid and filter. I think I finally got to experience how the car is supposed to drive. Woohoo :tada: