cylinder count dropping

Went from V8 to V8 to V8 to V8 to I5 and now I4

Congrats! Who cares about cylinders, anyway! :slight_smile:

Wow nice, congrats on the new R beem. I wonder how long you can hold out and keep it stock…seems like there’s many stages of retard available, mild to full.

I have a V2, I4, V6, V8, V12 in the house, I’m missing a V10 and a I5, but considering picking up three singles for myself and my two girls for fun this year…braap

thanks guys

Its a CPO so I’ve got 36k + 24k miles of warranty; its at ~16k now so the easy answer for how long it stays stock is another 44k miles but its going to be hard to resist. The APR quoted gains from 3.5K - 5.5K look like they’d be very entertaining (+50 ft/lbs for just the tune). If they do a good sale at waterfest it may be hard to hold back.

For now its just debadging, the PO went a little overboard with the badges. mostly done, removed 4x R badges, and R36 badge (wtf?) and the dealership stickers. Got the two R-Line badges on the fenders to remove (need to wait for it to warm up outside). May remove the grille badge, as there are no other badges on the car (PO replaced the rear R badge with the aforementioned R36 badge)

I don’t love the blacked out VW badges, so those may get painted matte silver to match the wheels.

And tint (35% Huper), can’t stand the fishbowl

Just looked over all the paperwork again, gotta love the 0.9% financing… $568.47 in total financing charges over 5 years. I normally pay off loans very quickly but at ~$114/yr it’ll be easy to put this one on the back burner.

^ yea it’s pretty comical really.

Good lookin car beem. We loved my wife’s GLI. It was a great buy. You get a lot for your money with the right VW’s imo.

thanks man

the feature set on the R’s suits my taste: bluetoof and nav is nice, I like the manual seats (imagine it could be a point of complaint for some), no auto lights is a plus (hate them). feels a lot like the S4 honestly as far as interior materials etc. Ideally I’d skip the sunroof, but its not a big deal

still havent had a chance to drive it hard, looking forward to friday afternoon

very good car. Nice one.


anyone got any experience with tow hitch license plate mounts?

trying to pick between these two:

Nice choice, beem. Those wheels are similar to the B8 peelers.

Not 100% sold on the blacked-out badge - but other than that, car looks great.

what’s next? Innocenti?

Very nice, I test drove a few of these and it is definitely worth it over the GTi. More of a complete package.

Find a VW dealer that is also an APR dealer. There are a few around where I live and they don’t care if the car has APR Stage 3. As long as you bought the kit from them, they will warranty anything.

Niiiice. stage 2 is verrrrry fast

I was thinking smart car, harley, dirt bike

nice, I’ll have to run it by my brother as he’s worked at 3 different VW dealerships, cant recall if any are apr dealers though

I gather you drove one? APR quotes 320whp from ~4200rpm to redline, sounds like my S4 which would be perfect for my use

I like your sig btw, ‘Drives a VW, only posts on Audi forums, durrrr’… I’m kinda in that boat now

I’ve only been in a stock one, close friend has a stage 2+, he is in a diff country though. Showed me some clips from his dashcam doing pulls against other cars and it looks very fast, based on the cars he is keeping up with.

Yup, only posts I’ve make on vortex and golfmk6 have been mostly to the classifieds…

I’m thinking about switching to a mk7 golf R when it lands. But I want to get back into an Audi… But I think the A3/S3 will be too small… But… But…

gotcha, is it a DSG? all of the fast 1/4 mile times are coming from DSGs. Read the MK 7 R is going to be DSG only which doesn’t interest me, otherwise the 7 looks awesome. Also read the GTD may finally make its way here in 2015.

got my US Mill Works front plate mount, nice product

Yes his is a DSG (in HK)…

Looking sharp!

Big like!