D3 S8 parts...some fit D3 A8s too

I have:

Brand new suspension compressor (never installed)
Brand new EBC Reds front brake pads with sensor wiring (never installed)
Automatic transmission kit (filter and gasket)
Two oil filters
10 coils with approx 60K on them
SAI pump with all the plumbing brackets, etc.
20 factory theft deterrent (no such thing as theft proof) wheel studs with their locking key
7 aluminum centering rings for aftermarket wheels (can’t find the 8th one).
Two pinch bolts (never used) plus other suspension bolts and nuts still in their plastic envelopes.
Driver’s side front spindle with wheel bearing of course.
12 used intake manifold bolts.
1 Crank seal (front of crankshaft)
Factory crank pulley.
Two headlight igniters with other headlight stuff.
SAI pump hose 07L133889E
HVAC heater hose 4E0819371R
Cargo mat that attaches to inner floor of trunk.

I’ll take $350 plus shipping for all of it.
If you want pics email me at

Hi, is everything still available?


Yes, except for the coils.

And the cargo mat is gone too.

I’ll take $275 + shipping.