DIY - Moving the front end into "Service Position" - B6/7 S4/RS4

In Progress. This will be all the information that I put in about Why, tools required, parts/fluids required, etc.

Main information page with why this DIY is needed, some important notes, previous steps required, parts required, and tools required.

Why: These steps are required prior to doing anything other than basic maintenance because there is no room to reach most things otherwise.

Important Notes:

  1. This DIY was done with pictures from four different cars (B6 S4, B7 S4, and two B7 RS4s) so I will try to label the pictures whenever I feel that it is appropriate.
  2. Also this DIY is broken down into three different sections for a reason. For example, certain repairs require just removing the front bumper as other repairs require removing the front bumper and loosening the core support into service position. Few repairs and/or modifications require fully removing the core support but it is important to put this in because of repairs like replacing the AC compressor.

Previous steps required:

  1. If you plan on fully removing the core support then you need to have the AC system refrigerant evacuated with the proper equipment by someone that is qualified/certified to work with automotive AC systems PRIOR TO doing any other steps. The AC refrigerant is harmful to the environment and it can hurt you if you just loosen a line and release it that way.

For example, I purchased an AC machine for this because I finally have been doing enough work to require it. My machine looks like this:

It hooks up to the AC service ports in the below picture.

  1. Jacking up the front end and supporting the front of the car on jack stands.
  2. Removing the belly pan, if there is one.
  3. Remove the front headlights - This is B6 specific -
  4. Drain the coolant. This step is required only if you are going to fully remove the core support.

Parts Required:

  1. Washer solvent/fluid - This is required anytime that you remove the front bumper because it is very common to leak a bunch all over the place.
  2. Coolant - If drained to fully remove the core support.
  3. Power Steering fluid - If the core support is fully removed.
  4. Engine oil - RS4 specific - If the core support is fully removed.

Tools required:
Will update later