Dl501 0b5 shift fork solenoids

Hi guys I’m having an issue again with my transmission. It only happens at full throttle 100% and when it drops down or up gears in to 3rd is goes in to limp mode and everytime its shift fork 3, 1 fault code only !

So I’ve had new clutches and a new mech repair kit fitted 2 of them actually all was ok until about 3 weeks ago and now this fault has happened 3 / 4x apart from this it drives great and doesn’t always do it just now and then.
So I’ve changed most things in the mech unit apart from the shift fork seloniods there the only thing that haven’t been replaced.
So can anyone tell me where I can get these from there the N433, N434, N437 & N438 I believe of the top of my head ?

Many thanks guys
Steve :blush:

I suppose the fluid is fine level wise it might be worth checking…

If it’s doing it everytime thats usually a good sign there is a serious issue. I think it makes good sense to change the solenoids. If you really want to try a last ditch effort and it may be for nothing. you can try to put the transmission into adaption and run through the clutch adaption for the DSG. I’ve heard of that helping in some cases.

I will defo check the level again I have checked it when it first come back from having the mech repair unit and new clutch packs done its not done loads of miles since then but its worth checking thank you.

I did do an adaption on it after the 2nd time it happened but it only made it through half of the driving part of the adaptions and it happened again.
I’m not sure if it was my fault though as I was over taking and hit the throttle to the floor 100% throttle maybe shouldn’t of pushed it hard while trying to do the adaption ? Bang it went in to limp mode it was again shift fork C failed to engage correctly and code P248B was once again the only code that came up !
So I’ve gone through the adaptions again and i am half way through the adaption as we speak !

The code suggests its seloniod for gears 1&3 and I do have that slight judder still when pulling away in 1st with no throttle if I touch the throttle it disappears straight away its not half as bad as it used to be but it’s there still very slightly so im thinking maybe the gears for 1&3 seloniod is the issue and has been all along ???

Hey there so did you replace the shift fork solenoids ? did it work
i did the same replace everything the boards and solenoids left behind the forks solenoids