Draggy results!

Anybody else do any draggy runs with their car? I’m mostly curious about stock cars with working intake manifolds. I wasn’t able to do a run prior to gutting mine. But I am happy enough with my results that I will not be wasting $4000 on a new manifold. Car is currently at 183k miles.

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That’s about right for where you’re at. If you get the JHM ECU / TCU tune you can knock a good chunk off that time and help make for a much better daily driver.

If the car pulls clean and you’re happy with it. I’d keep the money for an intake in your pocket.

Not Dragy since I couldn’t get a hold of it, but P-Gear, which is basically the same. I don’t really have a safe place to do 1/4 mile, so here’s 0-100 kph.

Not stock though, I have all the JHM parts (I think) and tunes installed. Broken intake. But this could be an interesting thread if we get more results!

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