Dual-mass Flywheel Failing <1k mi?

I’m wondering if I received and installed a used/refurbished/faulty replacement dual-mass FW and clutch package when I did the engine swap last summer.


  • 2018 - Engine blew, found replacement, did full timing job, head work, ordered OEM LUK fw/clutch kit from RockAuto, etc…
  • Persistent loud tick from first start up. Suspected valvetrain or timing chain issue. Timing is good, everything looks good in VCDS, everything looks good under valve covers. https://photos.app.goo.gl/3qR7wYUNsuwDtRqD6
  • Pulled engine/trans last week to address the tick (still need to pull timing covers)
  • Noticed deep gouges on pressure plate - looked back at old pictures and I think I made a mistake installing the “new” kit I received

When I began removing the pressure plate bolts I thought the pressure plate was loose - there was good movement toward the timing covers and back toward the trans.
It is actually the dual-mass portion of the flywheel that has the movement, and makes a good thunk when you lightly tap it:

Pressure Plate: Before and After Install (1K mi since it was originally installed)
Left side: Before installing, right after removing from shipping box Right side: After removing engine with 1K miles on clutch/pp

Flywheel when I removed from the shipping box last year:

It’s hard to say for sure without having the parts in hand. But I know for 100% sure that a lot of guys from the B6 then B7 S4 and RS4 just replaced the dual mass flywheel due to a number of issues from bearing failures to bad dual mass issues. So it’s definitely possible it’s the flywheel.