Dyno stock rs7

My local dealer took an r8gt and rs7 to a dyno day:

465 hp at the wheels
445 tq at the wheels

Looked like a mustang dyno





Your girlfriend?

Negative my girlfriend is my fleshlight


LOL. It’s probably a good thing you don’t know what that is

R8 #s?

As good looking as you may be, it’s no excuse to place your denim clad butt on the surface of the R8. Please remove. Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I was curious because I didn’t want to offend you with colorful remarks about her.

Not easily offended my wife is levels above those hos

My thoughts exactly.

Waiting for him to reply, should have an answer by tomorrow.

there’s a rule about that…


I think 32 is more applicable here

are these similar to rule 22 on AZ

“if you are going to discuss females be prepared to present photos”