EA888 2.0T GIAC K04 Help [with logs]

Hi all!

Car in question is Audi A3 2.0T TSI EA888 with the following mods :

K04 with Forge Wastegate, DV+, s3 intercooler, boost pipes, CTS Intake and full turboback exhaust.

New n75 and DV were installed, boost test didn’t show any leaks.

Here’s the logs : https://www.dropbox.com/s/dycijkgdfb645db/wg%20adjusted.CSV?dl=0

As you can see car’s having issues reaching requested boost. I am suspecting the Forge WG but would like advise on how to proceed. I tried adjusting the nut on the wastegate, it’s currenly at it’s maximum position and boost is still relatively low.

Also, not sure why the N75 isn’t working harder to try and compensate.

Help :slight_smile: