Ecu Tuning Software Recommendations

Hey Guys,

What will be the best ECU/ TCU Tuning Software for the B8 platform.

I just want to do it myself…

I don’t know enough about it to do it myself so I leave it to the experts. I have JHM Stg2 software on my RS5 and 034 Motorsports Stg2 software on my S5. Both of them also have their respective companies TCU software installed.


But I want to write and edit it myself.

I’m all for DIY but when it comes to that tuning your transmission and ECU. I think you’ve grossly under estimated the cost of the tools to read and write the data to the ECU and DSG unit. And while I understand there are some hack tuners out there. There are some complete standouts that see more cars in one week than you’ll see in your entire lifetime. That experience is beyond what you’d be able to gain without a considerable amount of trial and error.

Not to mention a proper education, aka a degree in automotive engineering. The MED17.1 (RS5) is incredibly complex and you can get things wrong in a hurry. A lot of the basic tuning packages don’t even give you full access to all the sectors in the ECU.

Mine has a Simos 8.4🙈

Simos is not bad, has more on-bard room for multiple maps where the MED doesn’t!

My '13 Audi S5 (CGXC motor) is SImos 8.5, not sure if there is much of a difference between the 8.4 & 8.5. If you are serious of doing your own tune, this is a great website for sharing information on it.

Found this:
Application Guide|Make|Model|Generation|Market|ECU Type|Engine|Engine Code|Transmission|
| — | — | — | — | — | — | — | — |
|Audi|A4|Typ 8K / B8.5|All|Simos 8.5|3.0 TFSI|CMU|Manual & S Tronic|
|Audi|A5|Typ 8T / B8.5|All|Simos 8.5|3.0 TFSI|CHM & CMU|Manual & S Tronic|
|Audi|A6|Typ 4F / C6|All|Simos 8.3|3.0 TFSI|CAJ, CCA, CGW, CGX & CTU|Tiptronic|
|Audi|A6|Typ 4G / C7|All|Simos 8.5|3.0 TFSI|CAJ, CCA, CGW, CGX & CTU|S Tronic & Tiptronic|
|Audi|A7|Typ 4G / C7|All|Simos 8.5|3.0 TFSI|CGW, CGX, CHM, CTT & CTU|S Tronic & Tiptronic|
|Audi|A8|Typ 4H / D4|All|Simos 8.5|3.0 TFSI|CGW, CGX, CMD & CTU|Tiptronic|
|Audi|Q5|Typ 8R|All|Simos 8.5|3.0 TFSI|CTU, CTV, CJT, CJW, CNA & CTW|S Tronic & Tiptronic|
|Audi|Q7|Typ 4L|All|Simos 8.3|3.0 TFSI|CJT, CJW, CNA & CTW|Tiptronic|
|Audi|S4|Typ 8K / B8|All|Simos 8.4|3.0 TFSI|CCB, CGW, CGX & CTU|Manual & S Tronic|
|Audi|S4|Typ 8K / B8.5|All|Simos 8.5|3.0 TFSI|CCB, CGW, CGX & CTU|Manual & S Tronic|
|Audi|S5|Typ 8T / B8|All|Simos 8.4|3.0 TFSI|CAK, CCB, CGW, CGX & CTU|Manual& S Tronic|
|Audi|S5|Typ 8T / B8.5|All|Simos 8.5|3.0 TFSI|CAK, CCB, CGW, CGX & CTU|Manual& S Tronic|
|Audi|SQ5|Typ 8R|All|Simos 8.5|3.0 TFSI|CTU & CTX|Tiptronic|
|Volkswagen|Touareg|Typ 7P / MK2|All|Simos 8.5|3.0 TFSI|CJT & CYJ|Tiptronic|

Great! Thanks!!

Is your S5 V8 or V6?

A little late, but it is a 2011 3.0T CAKA V6