end of an era

I’ve gone full Tesla. I only want electric cars now.


Some people love them some people love them for a few months and then hate them. Check back and let us know how your experience works out.

The upside as we have said on here a few times is the hybrid gas electronic cars are really an interesting future. With gas tech and motor tech advancing as fast as it is even gas powered cars no adays are impressive.

Good luck. If you remove the wing you will get $5000 more

Sure. It takes 2 seconds to remove. 3 pin sized holes.


Nice, congrats.Price?

what type of person bought it? old/young? Enthusiast? Race car driver wannabe?

Great question. I would love to know as well. West what site did you get the most interest from for your listing?

Audi Club member from New York. Paid my asking price of $25k and sent his own shipper to pick it up. He got a great deal.

Unfortunately gasoline cars are completely dead to me. Some real caveman shit.

That’s cool good to hear. Someone you know or just an audi club member… do you have to be a member to place cars in there classifieds… I think he got a great deal. you spent good money and for what it was it looked to be solid.

I wouldn’t hold your breath on gas cars being dead… chances are youll come back one way or another. ELE cars are nice but with the recent tech and growing abilitys gas cars are super impressive as well.

When you think about it they are all doing the same thing so they are all primitive in the fact that they are just transferring energy from one sorce to another to another through a motor

I still think steam engines are a great idea they provide a bulk of the worlds electric power. Over all its good to see advancements I think having so many different options is just good for us all. A blend of ele and ICE is for me IMHO the best path to the future

I wouldn’t say ICE cars are dead to me, but I can’t see myself ever DDing one again.

I really don’t miss my S6, nice a car as it was.

spot on