Engine drop tips

I’m looking to drop the engine for a rebuild or a replacement. This would be my first time dropping an engine in any car I’ve owned and I want to know what I’m In for. I’ve seen that you guy’s have dropped engines for various reasons so I’m asking all my V10 gurus for any tips or info that one should know dropping one!

I’ll have my summary doc done shortly and will post a link on my thread for anyone who wants to look.

  1. Make sure you have the space. Take plenty of pictures from all angles and overlap them with shots both close up and pulled back. Bag and tag everything. Keep it organized.
  2. I would suggest a platform lift like the HF 1000 LB one and use blocks to support the engine. I drilled the front block and used threaded rod to engage the front lip and stacks of blocks to support the transmission. Make sure you can get the car high enough and if you don’t have a true lift, plan on removing the nose and lock carrier to allow you to drop and slide the engine forward. Have two people around when you want to roll the engine on any kind of an incline. Make sure the engine is strapped to the lift. It will try to rock and move.
  3. Having an engine hoist helps both removing the subframe (if you are splitting the transmission) and re-installing the engine (easier to swing it around). You will need chains and “S” hooks to use the engine hoist locations.
  4. Make sure you have a decent tool set, including sockets, torx, triple square and combination wrenches. I used a large variety of tools, including special tools for injectors, RMS and cams/crank.
  5. Have access to a manual. I used Bentley’s eBahn online version. There are a few videos and some threads out there, but when it comes to proper procedures and torque values, you are going to need resources.

Above all else, take your time and think about what you are going to do and the order to do it in. The rest of the advice would depend on what you are planning on doing.


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This is great info thanks!